Why is VicTrack ignoring the Ballarat Rail Station Masterplan


I am astounded by VicTrack’s current plan to lease the north platform complex of the Ballarat Rail Station without apparent consideration of the long-term redevelopment of the station precinct as outlined in the Ballarat Station Precinct Master Plan, see which has been endorsed by Labor, more about the Coalition and Council.

To propose leasing the rail platform and the coach-house in light of the master plan’s recommendations is premature and seems typical of VicTrack in its isolationist attitude to strategic planning and the future of Ballarat’s transport Hub.

I ask the ‘powers to be’ to demand that VicTrack withdraw its proposed leasing of the north platform and coach-house until the whole-of-precinct approach has been implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the station precinct master plan.

We don’t want to repeat the failures of previous major projects which have been the result of major stakeholders working in isolation without regard to inclusivity, collaboration and consultation to achieve the long-term strategic objectives of the project’s blueprint. It is essential that these elements of planning are observed in order to deliver a successful project for the benefit of our city and region.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill 3350

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