Our V.I.C. A short-sighted view on a long-term need!


Once again I read that the “powers to be in Ballarat” are having to find another temporary location for the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) now that the lease is about to expire on its current “temporary” accommodation at 43 Lydiard Street North.

The VIC has now been at its Lydiard Street location for past five years and during this time Council was suppose to find a permanent location for this most important Ballarat tourism service. This situation is farcical and not the most effective use of ratepayers’ money.

So why has this occurred? Has Council been too lazy to get around to determining a permanent site, vcialis 40mg put it in the too-hard basket and decided there were other matters of higher priority, cure or cannot find a suitable location?

It is not “rocket science” to find an appropriate site. It needs to be where visitors can have ease of access to the facility irrespective of their method of transport to get to Ballarat. Whether they come by train, approved bus, car, van, or are towing caravans and boats, tourists need a central location that is at the central transport hub with adequate space for parking.

In Ballarat that is the railway station’s north platform complex. Despite living in an age where there is ever-sophisticated digital information at hand, a VIC will still serve a need for those older visitors who are not as comfortable using such technology and like face-to-face contact. They will also probably have used public transport to get to Ballarat, the train probably being the most convenient.

With the primary VIC facility located at the station, two blocks from the centre of the city, there is also a requirement for VIC kiosks to be placed at strategic points around the municipality – namely at Sovereign Hill, MADE and the Botanical Gardens.

It is time for a reality check: stop the waste, focus on the customer and make the station – with its future fast, reliable train services – the future focal point for visitors when they arrive in this wonderful city to get information about Ballarat’s attractions. After all, that’s the whole point of a ‘VIC’: to be of service to the customer/visitor.

The future of visitation to Ballarat should be focused on public transport. To their credit, successive councils have worked to reduce traffic congestion in our CBD; the city centre’s priority is people (foot traffic), not vehicles.

And, finally, can I ask the senior management and councillors to spend time at the VIC to gain firsthand experience in understanding visitor needs so as to be able to make informed decisions on the future permanent location of our ease-of-access visitor information centre.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill Vic 3350

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