The Brentron Culture

How Brentron & Partners can assist

Brentron and Partners provides solutions for the strategic direction and development and coordination of arts and culture.

Culture contributes to the future prosperity with community engagement, sickness economic development, help and health and wellbeing of organisations and projects.

Our project development creates strategic opportunities for increased participation (not just bums on seats), more about within and through arts and cultural projects and programs

One of the flow on effects of this is growth within economies

Our strategies aim is to arrest the decline in audience participation.

Partnerships within communities are essential to create a sustainable future and much can be done to enhance these relationships to create stronger, more cohesive partnerships.

A strong sense of place, identity and community invariably makes a city attractive to live, work in and visit.

Brentron develops and implements innovative business strategies and solutions, incorporating awareness of industry activities in arts and culture and outlining the various methods of seeking funding via:

  • local, state and regional development bodies,
  • industry, investment and service providers,
  • educational and employment providers

This results in positive revenue outcomes and opportunities for growth and new investment.

Culture serves as a platform for communities to express their identity and creativity, thus broadening the perception of arts and culture, and encouraging the wider community to be part of the future of a culturally and economically enriched community.

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