Respect the value of your vote on Saturday the 29th of November


I believe because we have it so good in Australia we take for granted our right to determine how we are governed and by whom, mind and this can lead to a complacency in the electorate when it comes to politics and democracy.

Whilst most political aspirants are honourable people, generic it would be fair to say some politicians don’t help the cause with their behaviour and duplicity on important matters, stuff which feeds our scepticism of Australia’s political scene.

In saying that, since the first fight for justice by the diggers at the Eureka Stockade, and then the subsequent world wars, our diggers fought bravely to protect the freedoms we enjoy today and support our allies. However, it came at a heavy cost, with countless numbers of brave men and women making the ultimate sacrifice for us.

We can’t let their sacrifice be in vain. When you go to vote, remember it was the Ballarat Reform League Charter that stated you have “…an inalienable right to have a say in how you are governed”.

It is important that you make an informed decision when you cast your valuable vote at the ballot box; don’t just turn up and tick a box on the form without any thought.

Your vote will determine who has the right to represent you and make decisions in your best interests. You need to believe that person will honour their commitment, will serve without fear or favour, and act in the best interests of their constituents.

Our forebears fought for the right to have a say, the right for fairness and a fair go for all. Make your vote count. Do your homework on the candidates and be proud of those who fought so bravely to give us the right to a vote.

We remain the lucky country because of our inalienable right to a have say – our vote – in how we are governed.

Whilst it is important, remember it is not just about what is best for you, but also what is best for our community and for the great state of Victoria.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill 3350

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