Rate capping will ensure proper Council processes


The Courier Wednesday 24 February

Once again, our councillors are treating the community with contempt by suggesting it won’t be able to manage Council’s affairs with the planned introduction of rate capping by the state government in July 2016.

Rate capping is essential to ensure that our Council operates within its financial means and does not spend on whims and one-offs that are scheduled as part of the budget, which has been the case with the current and previous councils.

One recent example was the construction of the indoor 50-metre pool. It appeared from nowhere, unplanned and unbudgeted, and would have forced other important projects to be shelved.

I am not against the pool per se, but where was the planning process? It wasn’t a priority project at the time.

Councillors are required to develop the four-year Council Plan and the annual action plans that have projects and programs fully costed as part of the Budget process.
As individuals, families and business people, we must budget for any expenditure so as to be able to manage our own affairs within our financial constraints.

Exorbitant rate increases by our Council over recent times have been unacceptable to the community. It is lazy accounting for Council to make up the shortfall between expenditure and revenue by raising rates.

We expect Councillors to be able to manage the Budget more effectively without constantly slugging the ratepayers with rate hikes to generate the revenue they say is required to deliver the quality and breadth of services expected by the community.
They need to be more efficient with revenue they have and be inventive in how to generate more revenue from other sources rather than from the ratepayers.

Rate capping will ensure financial responsibility and effective strategic planning and prioritisation of projects.

Responsible partnerships with the state and federal governments will support worthwhile planned and necessary projects. That is why we pay taxes.

Ron Egeberg is a resident and a candidate for the 2016 Council Election

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