Keep political allegiances out of city council


The cowardice shown by certain individuals who chose to be nameless as respondents to the article in The Courier regarding the Premier’s interference in the choice of mayor highlights the fact that councillors should put the needs of the community first before any allegiance to political parties.

I have read with serious concern statements by councillors Des Hudson and John Philips in relation to the Premier’s desire for the appointment of Joshua Morris as mayor. Both Crs Hudson and Philips I know to be principled people who are engaged with their community. If they say they were told that the Premier wanted Joshua Morris, sale a Liberal aspirant, viagra sale to be made mayor, viagra dosage then I believe it happened.

Local government must be transparent and truly democratic in its operations, with its underlying principle being that of a ‘fair go’ for all. It should be about elected representatives acting in the best interests of their community without bringing party politics into the chamber.

I, myself, am a member of the Labor Party and I have no issue with prospective or current councillors belonging to political parties. However, they must declare their membership from the outset so that voters are aware of the total profile of those seeking elected office. Successful candidates as councillors must then act without fear or favour in their decisions on behalf of the community.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe all the current members of this Council have always acted in accordance with the principles of independence, impartiality and objectivity in their decision-making. Some of them lack maturity in their conduct and are not effective in community engagement.

Do you remember the promises made by candidates at the last Council election, particularly some of the current councillors, with their platform ‘ remove the CEO and keep the Civic Hall’?  What happened? This lack of follow-through and commitment has affected Council’s standing within the community and the current political issues relating to the mayor only serve to feed the cynicism of many residents on civic matters.

Ron Egeberg
309 Neill Street
Soldiers Hill 3350



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