Why the need for a national search for a new Council CEO


Ballarat Courier 7 June 2015

Ballarat is at a crossroad. We are struggling to find jobs for our growing community. We need an injection of renewed energy and inspiration to reinvigorate our community and a new chief executive officer for the Ballarat City Council who personifies much of that vitality is what we need.

It must be said that the current CEO has a litany of failures in major projects that have cost the community millions.

His supporters in the main are some of the developers and real estate owners in the business community. They sing his praises because their business interests have benefited from his presence, click but has the Ballarat community in general developed and prospered under his seven-year tenure?

I ask why and what do they fear if a new CEO were to come to town and shake things up for the better? The next person could hardly do any worse than the current incumbent.

Is it that these developers only have money as their priority, viagra 100mg rather than ensuring the community’s best interests are front and centre?

Why does this born-to-rule minority believe they have the right to control the democratic processes in our city?

Have no doubt. I want to see new jobs in new industries in Ballarat; prosperity is the key to a secure and better future.

Ballarat’s short-term future is looking bleak. One sector of business doing well will not change the fortunes of the broader community in the City of Ballarat.

Council has a Ballarat Strategy but no current economic development plan. So how do we create change?

Ballarat needs to refocus on being the key regional centre in Australia. It needs to once again lead the way through innovation.

Like has been achieved across the world, Ballarat can create new industries in the creative sector that in turn will create new long-term jobs.

The health of our council has been a concern for some time, particularly the morale of its employees who deliver for our community and are ratepayers themselves.

We need a long-term sustainable plan for Ballarat’s future. Prosperity will only come about when we all work together for change that creates growth.

We also need to go to the market to find the best possible person to be the CEO to support councillors to create a prosperous future for our city.

Ballarat deserves the best leadership in many sectors and the role of CEO for Council is one of the most important. That role has been untested for the past seven-and-a-half years.

We must go to market and search for the best person to lead the change to make Ballarat once again a vital regional centre in Australia with a prosperous future. Ballarat deserves better.

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