Discarding a Downs Syndrome Child is unforgiveable


I feel at a loss to understand how a twin child with Downs Syndrome could be discarded at birth by Australian surrogate parents. It questions their motives for children.

My beautiful Aunt Joanie, story my mother’s sister, illness had Down syndrome. She was simply gorgeous and was a joy to be with. Joanie brought so much happiness to our family with her unconditional love and non-judgemental actions.

My life was enriched by her. I am a better person for having Aunt Joanie in my world, particularly in my formative years. She lived to the age of 58, a relatively long age for someone with Down Syndrome and is lovingly remembered by all her family.

I know this is not a perfect world, but this act is despicable.

I feel so sad for the other twin, particularly when it grows up and realises what, its ‘so called parents’ did to its twin sibling.

To everyone who helped raise money to support this little one, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill 3350

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