Connecting Ballarat’s Attractions


Ballarat must create a sustainable mode of transport to connect its attractions, see events, future major sports venues and places of significance with the Ballarat Railway Station – with its fast trains – as the transport hub.

Again, let me state Eureka is Ballarat’s point of difference and Peter Hiscock’s comments regarding a transport connection to MADE is short sighted for the future. Both Sovereign Hill and MADE are intrinsically involved in the story of Eureka and there should be a complementary transport connection between both of them. Eureka’s sense of place is significant and the precinct must be respected as a place for pilgrimage, as well as a tourist attraction.

There are several options for the form of transport to connect the various places mentioned; the tram has been on the wish list for many years, light rail – such as the current project in Sydney – is possible, but they can only be a reality if they’re sustainable. Another less costly alternative is a state-of-the-art, hop-on-hop-off tourist bus that brings to life Ballarat of yesterday, today and tomorrow via video screens, other technology initiatives and commentary that enhances the tourist’s experience of the city and its attractions as they travel on the bus to the various attractions, that would be an iconic attraction in its own right.

It is now time to stop talking and take action. Council, working in partnership with its economic development unit, Ballarat Tourism and the tourism operators (finally), must seek funding for a feasibility study and business case to once and for all make this initiative for a connected Ballarat from a tourism perspective a reality.

This initiative would demonstrate that Ballarat is a city of innovation and can comfortably straddle the two worlds of its past, with its elegant history and heritage, and its current, operating as a progressive regional Australian city.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill 3350

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