Call for a lifeline for MADE


Following the recent articles in the Courier on the issues facing MADE and my subsequent opinion, this site Council must act now and show leadership by rectifying the issues of its own making through a process that learns from the past mistakes. I call on Council to immediately seek bipartisan support from the Victorian Parliament for the centre to become a statutory body of the state as was recommended in the original feasibility study (SKM) and business plan (PricewaterhouseCoopers), this web or, mind alternatively, as an annexe of Museums Victoria, like the Immigration Museum. This would then, as per the original redevelopment plans, reduce substantially Council’s financial commitment to the centre.

Eureka deserves respect and its rightful position as ‘the birthplace of the Australian spirit’ and Council must be its champion in partnership with the state. The councillors need to show passion and commitment towards Eureka if it is to gain support for this unique and significant story in our nation’s history, from within the local community as well as statewide and nationally. Eureka is Ballarat’s point of difference and should be the centrepiece of this city’s history and heritage and its drawcard in terms of tourism attraction.

The original plans were to reduce cost to Council and the ratepayers; it never should have been the sole responsibility of Council. However, Council must now act to get the centre back on track, as was originally planned, with state support and skilled expertise to make the centre a dynamic and vibrant facility that plays an integral part in Ballarat’s life, and attracts people from around the nation to find out about this seminal event and legacy in Australia’s story.

Free admission to the centre is integral to its sustainable future. Australians should not have to pay to see the Eureka Flag or find out about this significant part of their Australian story. The centre then must create commercial revenue opportunities through a ‘Eureka’ merchandise shop, café, and special events and activities.

We must revitalise and facilitate the opportunity for the pilgrimage back to the Eureka Stockade – the wellspring of our democratic beginnings.

A strategic marketing plan is also integral to creating a sustainable future for the centre as a place of national significance and reposition it and the Eureka story to its rightful place in the hearts and minds of all Australians. We are fortuitous that the 3rd of December this year will mark the 160th anniversary of the battle at the Eureka Stockade. What a perfect opportunity to relaunch an all-new ‘Eureka Centre’ – at the birthplace of the Australian spirit.

Come on Ballarat. Be proud, be part of the Eureka revival – Ballarat’s story – which is a story of national and international significance and interest to all Australians.

We have much to be grateful for, as does the nation, to the men women and children of Eureka. Collectively we can make it happen.

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