Another Ballarat Council Fiasco


This council should hang its head in shame. The Black Hill Pool fiasco is just another debacle in a litany of questionable, out-of-touch decisions made by our local representatives.

It is another example of councillors acting on poor advice, making premature decisions behind closed doors without first consulting with members of the community that will be directly affected by the actions of the councillors.

If Council engages with the community, then the community will respect the decisions made. There are no excuses for poor consultation, or in this case no consultation! This issue must be addressed immediately by Council. Residents have a right to a say on the decision-making that affects their community – they are the shareholders/stakeholders of our city.

Regrettably, many people are unable to attend Council meetings, but now that we are in the 21st century why aren’t all Council meetings streamed online? Dare I say, I don’t think the councillors are in favour of it because they don’t want to be subject to such scrutiny. However, in line with the principles of transparency and accountability, it should be implemented immediately.

Ron Egeberg
Soldiers Hill 3350

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