Australia must become a Republic in the Queen’s lifetime


Ballarat Courier Wednesday February 24, 2016

The current discussion on the future of the monarchy in Australia has been clouded by sentiment.

Australia must come of age and become a republic.

This should happen during the Queen’s life time so as to be able to mark her contribution to Australia.

To suggest that we wait until after her death is disrespectful in the extreme.

Progressive Australians recognise the need for an Australian head of state and for Australia to be proudly independent as a republic.

If you recall the reaction of the Queen and Prince Philip after the 1999 referendum, they were surprised that Australians had not voted for their country to become a republic.

The British monarchy would not be offended in the slightest if Australia chose to be a republic.

It was Prime Minister John Howard who wrecked the whole referendum process by insisting that a model be presented to the people rather than first having a plebiscite where the question, “Do you want Australia to become a republic?” should have been put to the people.

Let us show respect for Her Majesty and become a republic as soon as is practicable.

When this happens, we should change the Queen’s birthday holiday to Australia Day and remove 26 January as the day as it is now too controversial.

And that way we will advance Australia fair.

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